To save banners form the Banner Farm, right click on it and then select "Save Picture As..." from the popup menu, then upload the file to your server.

Then, ADD the following HTML code to the webpage where you want the banner to appear. Note you must add your Partner ID issued to you.

<A HREF="">

Replace the XXXXXX with your CCBill Affiliate ID and, with your host domain and the location of the banner image on your server and bannername with the name of the banner you have saved.

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Kevin Banks + Saint D - Fuck me on the Desk

Saint D

Rasheed Coles


Prince DJ + Saint D - Sweaty Fucks

Ice King + Synxx - Papi Dick!

HotRod + Jody Jacinto - Car Wash Breeding

Michael Taylor + PupCore - Breeding Valentines

Delone Dickson

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Damian Surge + Jody Jacinto

Manny Baby + Travis Davis - Feed me your babies

KashDaddyDre + Sebastian Alexander - Hotboxin' & Fucking

Damian Surge + KashDaddyDre - No Netflix, No Chilling, I'm Horny!

Zon Myles - New Years

Arvion Kylers Dorm Santa's Elf

Rahim Stokes + Trey Donovan Christmas

Rahim Stokes - Strokin Xmas

Tonrell Banks

Louie Lue Xmas

Ken Too Fly - Jingle Balls

Jody Jacinto & Sebastian Alexander - Santa Breed me!

Sebastian Alexander - Hotlanta

DeMarciano Sanquez + Onyx Omari

Day Day + Elan Jones + Onyx Omari

Calvin Collins + PupCore - Fuck Me in the Pool

Dontae Star + Elan Jones

Damian Surge + PupCore

Darien Blaze + Jody Jacinto

Dontae Star + Kristian Dawawan

KashDaddyDre + PupCore - Wash & Fuck

Eufeimeo + Manny Baby

Kemancheo + RoRo

Kemancheo + RoRo 2

Travis Davis

Elmo Jackson + Nick Wild - Miami Fuck

HotRod + KashDaddyDre - Coffee Cleanup

Reeko Dunn

Brian Vegas + Sincere Luv + Smooth

Elan Jones

Dustin Pope + Marco Ashton - Classroom Fuck

Drummer Boi

Arman Woodson + Delone Dickson

Zayya Carey

Arman Woodson + Daniel Thompson 2

Elan Jones + Kristian Dawawan - Fucking on the Couch

KashDaddyDre + Stefano Green - Feels so Wet

Mr. Phat Lipps

HotRod + KashDaddyDre - Tie me up!

Romeo St. James + Sebastian Alexander

Blonde Bae + Maximus Sky - Breeding Blonde

Deshawn Bentley + Prince Taj - Breeding Buddies

Damian Surge + Jody Jacinto - 4th of July Breeding

Day Day + Dontae Star - Twink Fun

Daniel Thompson + Jody Jacinto

Day Day + Hoody LaVaye - Breeding Him

Daniel Thompson + HotRod - Ass Distraction

Dontae Star

Daniel Thompson + KashDaddyDre - Car Wash Cumming

Dontae Star, Elan Jones + Marcus Cooper