To save banners from the Banner Farm, right click on it and then select "Save Picture As..." from the popup menu, then upload the file to your server.

Then, ADD the following HTML code to the webpage where you want the banner to appear. Note you must add your Partner ID issued to you.

<A HREF="">

Replace the XXXXXX with your CCBill Affiliate ID and, with your host domain and the location of the banner image on your server and bannername with the name of the banner you have saved.

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Arvion Kylers + Kellar Nite

Cody Kyler + Mr Saukei + TKO - Threesome Fun

Adam Price

Jaydoe Funsize breeds Kellar Nite

Cody Kyler and Xavier Vega

Bourbon + Prince Diorx - White Boy Breeding

Kellar Nite + Timarrie Baker + Syncere Whyte

Jake Connors + Messiah Blaine

AJ King + Prince DiorX - Blindfolded Dorm

Kellar Nite + Trinidad Papi

Devondre Potiphar + Prince DiorX

Cody Kyler + Malo

Kevin Banks + Saint D

Flamez + Suspect

Darien Blaze + Kellar Nite

Cayden Cooper + Cody Kyler

Adam Price & Prince Taj 3

Kellar Nite

Gavin Xavier + Kellar Nite

Cody Kyler + Julian Pierce

Bourbon + Prince DiorX

Kellar Nite + Syncere Whyte

Kristopher Delagado + Trey Donovan

AJ King + Prince DiorX

Cayden Cooper + Cody Kyler + DeAngelo Jackson

Chase Carter + Dejuan Diamond + Micah Andrews

Blain Tutera + Golden Secret

Domino Star + Jesse Rabbit + Micah Andrews

Breion Diamond + Levi Summers

Kevin Banks + Knowledge 2

DeAngelo Jackson + Gustavo Ryder

Anubis and Brian Werner

Cayden Cooper get some of Kid Kudi

Cody Kyler + DeAngelo Jackson

Arquez + Valentino

Angel Pierre + Soldier

Kobe + Mixie

Hotrod + Marco Cruise

Cody Kyler + Ice King

Byron Strong + Xerxes

Baby Star + Tony Royce

Anthony Avery + Usher Richbanks

Billy Baxter + Daddy Cream

Alex Flex + Flamez + Jarvis Chandler

Kevin Banks + Knowledge

Prince Le Beau and Soldier

Breion Diamond + Jack Michaels

Cayden Cooper and Ken Mariano

Chase Carter + Logan Heart + Micah Andrews

Long Stroke Dingo + P.B. Jay + Tezjork

PB Jay + Tezjork

Indy + Tony Michaels

Cody Kyler + Nathan Summers

Byron Strong + Kristopher Delagado 2

Mr Saukei + Tony Michaels

Billy Baxter and Flamez

Baby Star and Ricco Furtado

Cody Kyler+ Wellington

Adam Price + Prince Taj 2

Kevin Banks + Theo Rush


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